What food gives you the most strength?

Answer Hallo!!! :Dthat food would be my favorite white chocolate.and senzu

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What food if any gives u a bad allergic reaction if u eat it?

Cinnamon---my throat closes up, can't swallowCloves---my throat closes up, can't swallowAsparagus--extremely dizzy cannot get out of bed or even turn my head. Aged cheese..............migraines.Mil... Read More »

What cow milk gives you the most Calcium?

One cup of whole cow's milk gives you 33% of the recommended daily amount of calcium, while a cup of skim milk provides 50% of the RDA.

What kind of food gives you lots of energy for breakfeast?

The ideal breakfast contains protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The problem with that bagel is that it's mostly refined carbs, with no fat and little protein.Although all food gives you energy, prote... Read More »

What 3D TV gives you the most theater like 3D movie experience?

LG Cinema 3D is probably the best one to go for if you want a theater-like 3D experience. LG Cinema 3D series use the same technology as the movie theater 3D screens (as opposed to shutter glasses ... Read More »