What food do you cook the most often?

Answer eggs

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Why do you eat less when you cook your own food than if you eat out?

its because you have not been planning and working with the food you get served at the restaurant.It happens when people work in food service too. If I just finished cooking roast beef dinner for ... Read More »

How to Cook With Unprocessed Food?

Do you want to know how to cook without using processed foods? If so, read on below about how to use unprocessed and organic ingredients.

How to Cook Without a Food Processor?

Old Kitchens often have no power points...Food processors are great modern conveniences. Yet, for the times you need to cook a recipe and there's no electricity, you're in a kitchen without a proce... Read More »

How to Cook Food in Sims 3?

A Sim preparing a meal.Sims 3 brings a whole new aspect of cooking into your characters' life. It's played differently than Sims 1 and 2 and brings a mirrored image of reality into the game.