What food do you cook the most often?

Answer eggs

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What 1 food do u eat the most often... an yes i said food not drink...?

What is the dish you most often cook at home?

Spaghetti! It is quick, easy, and my family loves it!

Simple/random food question What food you had for Breakfast that most people wouldn't think of having ->?

Hi (((Scooter))) :) That's not too bad for breakfast, lol.Once I had pepperoni for breakfast. Let me think . . . . *tapping on my laptop* . . .I have had an eggroll for breakfast before. That was p... Read More »

Why do most siblings tend to not like each other most often brothers and sisters?

If I had to guess I would say it's because they have to share there parents attention and they may resent there sibling for that.