What food do you absolutly DESPISE!!!!!/?

Answer sauerkraut!

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Do you despise Vista?

How can i be absolutly SURE that someone on EBAY will not rip me off?

You sound just like me. I was skeptical of Ebay bigtime. I can only tell you that Ebay has a pretty good reputation for preventing rip-off's. One thing I would caution you about. That IS a major pu... Read More »

How to Have Fun on a Vacation if Someone You Despise Goes Along?

Vacations are always a time to have fun. However, sometimes, there can be a let-down. For example, you might be a kid going on vacation with your parents. Suddenly, you hear, "So and so is coming!"... Read More »

If you were absolutly starving?

I would take the lettuce and get as far as I could. people have gone further on less.