What food do they eat in Mexico?

Answer The usual stuff Mc Donalds, KFC Burger KingChilli, Fajitas, Nachos, Burritos traditionally

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What do they call figs in Mexico?

The Spanish word for "fig" is "higo." The word for "fig tree" is "higuera." Explorer Hernan Cortes planted Mexico's first figs in the 16th century, bringing fig trees from Spain along with citrus a... Read More »

They say if you eat more of one food, your ejaculation will taste like what food you mostly ate. Is this true?

It might make it taste sweeter? I know if you eat pineapple it will make it taste better.

What do they call bull oysters in mexico?

In Mexican cooking terms, bull testicles are called "criadillas." However, in Mexican slang, the term is "huevos de toro," which literally means "eggs of bull." In Central America, testicles are c... Read More »

Do they use ovens in Mexico?

Of course. Gas-powered ovens as well as microwave ovens are very common. More traditional ovens include wood and coal-powered ovens, but those are mostly found on small villages and cities.