What food did you dislike alot when you where younger but now you like it?

Answer Mushrooms (I hated them, but now they are ok)SushiZucchini :)Oh and yams... I hated them as a kid... absolutely delicious now, one of my favourite vegs.

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What is a band that is popular and liked by alot, but you hate/dislike?


I hate bananas... what fruit or food do dislike the most?

I have to say bananas too!! they smell so disgusting!i was sat in our small office at work yesterday and someone had one and put the skin in the bin near me! needless to say - i felt sick all after... Read More »

Information on England's Culture, Which type of food or What should avoid to serve What they dislike ?

Shepards pie and bangers are good, haggis is bad

What food do you stock alot at home?

20 packets of Hot and spicy noodles10 tins of soup10 boxes of fries 2 go5 tins of baked beans2 packs of bread2 bottles of milksalad1 block of cheese1 pack of ham1 packet of pasta1 jar of pasta sauce