What food did Irish immigrants bring with them?

Answer For hundreds of years, people have immigrated to North America for various reasons, such as to escape religious persecution and to find new opportunities. In 1845, the potato famine forced Irish to... Read More »

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What music did the Irish bring with them to America?

According to the Irish Music Center at Boston College, the Irish brought a plethora of musical stylings to America. Among the archives include solo instrumental music, sean nós singing, ensemble p... Read More »

What breakfast food did the Irish bring to America?

The Irish were said to bring the breakfast food oatmeal to America. In Ireland, however, breakfast is referred to as "fry" and is heavily concentrated with meats like bacon, ham and mutton. Irish s... Read More »

What should a girl bring with them to stop them being raped or attacked?

Well as this is in UK and Ireland answers then I will assume you are there.Legally, you can carry nothing which could be classed as an offensive weapon.Knives, pepper spray, tasers and all the rest... Read More »

What is wrong with the illegal immigrants countries that's make them come here?