What food could someone not pay you enough to eat?

Answer I saw a site years ago that specializes in odd delicacy. They are selling pickled or dried up (human) fetus. It is SO gross! They even have some pictures of the bottled fetus and a person eating th... Read More »

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Could someone describe how the food is at your local applebees?

Marginal at best... but they mix a decent margarita

Could someone recommend some good sugar free snack food?

You really mean low carb not sugar free.Peperoni and cheese.Celery and PB.A piece of fruit.A yogurt .Veggies with a dip .A lobster .A fish .Nuts and seeds.SF Jello. SF pudding .

What food you can never get enough of?

Pasta, I could live on it. Also fresh veggies in a nice salad

My central air doesnt get cold enough what could this be?

you may have a dirty or restricted condenser {coil out side where the fan and compressor are} or your evaporator might need to be cleaned --has to be remove and washed by a a/c tech freon has to be... Read More »