What food contains nicotine?

Answer Though their are rumors about fast food companies using nicotine in their food it is banned in the USA to sell food with nicotine

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What type of food stuffs contains no fat, no calorie and no cholesterol?

A list of practical foods for burning fat (and reducing fat deposition)Citrus Fruits Eating a breakfast of citrus fruits, or other Vitamin C rich fruits, is one the best ways to start reducing the ... Read More »

What food thats not meat contains the most protein per size?

What vegan food source contains high creatine level Thanks?

the vegan food source contains high creatine level is vegetables,meat,egg,milk and butter.

Food that contains estrogens?

they don't contain estrogens, they contain phytoestrogens that can mimic the effects of estrogen in the body. all food that contains protein also contains some levels of phytoestrogens (yes, not ju... Read More »