What food can you eat with a stomach virus?

Answer On One Hand: Graduated Liquid DietDuring the early phases of gastroenteritis (stomach flu), the McKinley Health Center recommends an exclusively liquid diet containing juice, clear bouillon, gelati... Read More »

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Stomach Virus/Food Poisoning Question?

If you haven't actually developed any symptoms, I can't see why you'd be worried.Now, without any idea as to what this "stuff" actually was, it's hard to say, but I see nothing in your question tha... Read More »

What should a child eat when vomiting with a stomach virus?

On One Hand: Nauseous Children Shouldn't EatIt is best to give your child's stomach a rest when he has been vomiting. Wait until he is no longer throwing up before you attempt to reintroduce solid ... Read More »

How to Eat With a Stomach Virus?

You know you're supposed to eat, but you came down with a stomach virus (gastroenteritis). What are you supposed to eat? Read this article to find out!

Should i go to school with the stomach virus?

You could have had food poisoning and that's not contagious. Why don't you see how you feel in the morning and make the decision then.