What font is the Wattpad Logo?

Answer I can't give you a direct answer, but maybe you might like some of these fonts?…Sorry I wasn't much help. :/

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On Wattpad, how do you change the font?

i don't think you can change the size of the font.i'm assuming you're talking about the font for the yeah, i don't think you can change it. unless you're reading through the apps for mobil... Read More »

What font is the Juicy Fruit logo?

The sans serif font used for "Juicy Fruit" is a branded typeface that has been designed and commissioned by "Wrigleys"as a logo. However, there is a similar font available for download called "Thic... Read More »

What font is the Campbell's Soup logo?

The original Campbell's soup logo was designed before computer typefaces, so Campaign Normal is considered to be the best approximation of the font. It can be downloaded from certain websites.Refer... Read More »

What is the font usen in Ellen degenerous' logo?