What font does vista use?

Answer Segoe UI (pronounced "SEE-go") is the system font common to all versions of Windows Vista. Also the default system font for Windows 7, the Segoe UI font is designed with readability in mind. It is ... Read More »

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Where Are Font Files Located in Windows Vista?

Font files contain data that determines all the elements of a font, including the look, size and style. You can share font files with others, embed files in documents and download new font files to... Read More »

How do I change an icon font style with Vista?

Access Personalization SettingsRight-click on an empty space on the Desktop. In the menu that appears, select "Personalization."Open Configuration PanelGo to "Window Color and Appearance." Click th... Read More »

How do I change the toolbar font in Explorer with Windows Vista?

Control PanelClick on the "Start" button, then "Control Panel."Classic Appearance PropertiesClick "Appearance and Personalization," then click "Personalization." Choose "Window Color and Appearance... Read More »

Somehow I accidentally changed the font on, so now the font is very small letters.?

Press Ctrl+0 to go back to normal size.Ctrl + to zoom inCtrl - to zoom out