What font does Louis Vuitton use?

Answer The font in the Louis Vuitton monograms is a custom, hand-painted font. Vuitton's son, George, created it in 1896. The monogram sometimes appears upside down on leather products because the company... Read More »

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Which Louis Vuitton handbag should I get?

I would get the Damier Azur! It's sooooo pretty, and it can match with any outfit. White goes with everything.

Where is Louis Vuitton made?

Louis Vuitton leather goods including handbags are manufactured in the United States, France and Spain. Louis Vuitton jewelry is manufactured in Switzerland, France and Italy, while watches are cre... Read More »

Deciding on a Louis Vuitton....?

On the website the link won't copy to a specific bag, but if you go here you can see them:…You could consider the:Artsy GMNeverfull PM, AM or GM (-pick th... Read More »

Louis Vuitton Bag- Fake Help!?

each bag has its own verification code thing i dunno where it is , i thing its on the pad lock or inside the bag