What font do Wikipedia use for their formulas?

Answer MediaWiki (the software that runs Wikipedia, among other wikis) uses a variety of the LaTeX typesetting system to format mathematical formulas; LaTeX in turn uses the Computer Modern family of font... Read More »

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Somehow I accidentally changed the font on, so now the font is very small letters.?

Press Ctrl+0 to go back to normal size.Ctrl + to zoom inCtrl - to zoom out

What to do, the font in wikipedia turned into algerian?

1.) There is no language called "Algerian", just people. Algerians speak Arabic.2.) Since it's in Arabic, look to the right. There should be a language bar with all the languages (in their respecti... Read More »

What is the name of the font that is used to write articles on Wikipedia?

That is let up to your browser. All that is specified is that your browser should use a sans-serif type.

Wikipedia font got really big?

Theres two things you can do, first the most default option is to do this:CTRL, then press -the other option is to go into your broswer's option and see if the font size is normal.