What flowers will rabbits NOT eat?

Answer Well poisonous flowers for rabbits are morning glorys, lillys, and any night shade plants. Tomatoes, apple seeds, citrus, milkweed, and toadstools or mushrooms are all poisonous too. If you want mo... Read More »

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Are There Any Flowers That Rabbits Don't Like?

A hungry rabbit may eat almost any type of flower. As all herbivores, however, rabbits prefer some plants over others; there are more than 100 species of plants that they do not like. Growing them ... Read More »

How do I protect flowers from rabbits?

Landscape ClearingClean out areas that may provide a home for rabbits, such as excess vegetation around fences, ditches or areas with thick brush. Remove stone piles and other areas of debris. Seal... Read More »

What Colorful Flowers Can I Plant Outside That Rabbits Don't Eat?

Most gardeners know how challenging it can be to keep rabbits away from their flowers. Hungry rabbits dine on blooms of several flower varieties. Yet rabbits know to avoid certain flowers because t... Read More »

Would you shoot the rabbits that are eating your tulips and flowers?

Yes, camp out all will be well worth it!!Shoot them every chance you can before they take over the world!!* make sure you don't miss and hit your car tire* ( that would not be Read More »