What flowers do bees like?

Answer According to the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Arizona, the bee is by far the best pollinator. Its fuzzy abdomen is a perfect place for pollen to cling to.Native PlantsIf you want to attract b... Read More »

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What do bees take to other flowers?

Bees do not visit flowers of what color?

Why do bees pollinate flowers?

Flowers are reproduction centers for plants. To reproduce, most plants need to spread pollen to other flowers to make seeds. To help with this job, they attracts bees in a mutually beneficial relat... Read More »

Why Do Flowers Need Bees?

Flowers need bees to help them complete the act of fertilization that allows them to reproduce, according to Michigan State University. As bees travel from flower to flower, pollen collected from o... Read More »