What flower has a pink bulb and three leaves?

Answer According to the Connecticut Botanical Society, the pink trillium starts off as a white flower, but as it ages and matures, the bud in the center turns pink, sometimes a deep scarlet red. It has th... Read More »

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What deciduous tree has waxy pink flower with blue ball in the center of the flower also has 5-point star shaped white flower?

If a white flower is crossed with a red flower and a pink flower is produced this is called?

Should I get my boyfriend a red flower or a pink flower?

Please don't get him a pink flower. If you MUST get him a flower, just get a white one. Give yourself an out just in case he doesn't get you one! Let him get you the flowers & bake him a cake in... Read More »

What the name of the tree that sprouts pink leaves?

i think i know the tree you are talking about it's a wild tree with pink/purple pastel colored flowers no leaves ?? that sound right?? i was told it's from Asia and now grows wild here if it's w... Read More »