What flower goes with tulip centerpieces?

Answer On One Hand: Smooth FlowersTulips are smooth flowers with moisture-filled stems and leaves that pair well with other smooth plants, such as lilies, snapdragons and gladiolas. There are many species... Read More »

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Elegant Tall Tulip Centerpieces?

A number of tulip species provide ideal centerpiece options. Tulips symbolize the promise of spring and good times to come, according to Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas, which make them desired... Read More »

What is the scientific name for the tulip flower?

The scientific name for tulips is Tulipa gesneriana. "Dulband" is the Latin word from which "tulip" was derived. "Dulband" means turban, the shape of which the tulip flower resembles. Tulips were f... Read More »

Autumn Flower Centerpieces?

Autumn, with the rich colors on trees and vibrant fall vegetables, creates a beautiful color scheme for a centerpiece design. Incorporating flowers in natural fall colors into a centerpieces design... Read More »

Alternatives to Flower Centerpieces?

Flowers are not the only materials with which to design beautiful and exciting centerpieces. A little creativity and imagination, combined with ornamental housewares and decorative items, will resu... Read More »