What flavour Kool-Aid goes best with a Cuban sandwich?

Answer "Flavour" ???Why am I the last to know that you're a limey?

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Kool Aid dip dye: What Goes Best With Black Hair ?

In my opinion, I would do either red or purple.(Purple is subtle indoors but as soon as you get outside, it's super awesome.)

What goes well with brie in a sandwich?

Anything- but one of my favorites is roast beef with brie, onions, lettuce and tomato on a good baguette, ( toasted and melty of course) or for a great veggie option- avocado, sprouts, and brie on... Read More »

What goes great with a grilled cheese sandwich?

I like them with soup---I like grilled cheese sandwiches with a mug of potato soup, tomato soup, cream of broccoli w. cheese, or beef and barley. The last time I had lentil soup I served it with g... Read More »

How to Make a Cuban Sandwich?

A Cuban sandwich.Cuban sandwiches are a favorite in Miami, where the sandwich is purchased at restaurants or from street corner vendors. Although a Cuban sandwich is much like a regular ham and che... Read More »