What flavor is Kahlua liqueur?

Answer Kahlua liqueur is typically coffee-flavored, although it also comes in other flavors, including mocha, French vanilla and hazelnut. Traditional Kahlua is made with coffee, vanilla, caramel and pure... Read More »

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Can you mix kahlua rum coffee liqueur and di amore amaretto?

What flavor is the liqueur Cointreau?

Cointreau is a French liqueur, related to triple sec, that is flavored with the peels of both sweet and bitter oranges. The other ingredients are alcohol, sugar and water. It was first marketed in ... Read More »

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Trying to figure out what this kahlua alcohol product is called?

It's called Sheridan's and is It is uniquely bottled, consisting of two separate sections, separated by glass, but fused together. One section is filled with a black liqueur, consisting of coffee a... Read More »