What flag was Columbus flying when he discovered America?

Answer Christopher Columbus found the support for his expedition to find a trade route to the Indies from the king and queen of Spain. His three ships--the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria--all sailed ... Read More »

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What are the rules for flying a flag other than an American flag in a condominium complex.?

I think the rules only apply when you have the US as well. For example, if you have US & state, US has to be higher & so forth and there are times when it should not be excluded depending on others... Read More »

When did Virgin America start flying to Boston?

Virgin America began service to and from Boston Logan International Airport on February 12, 2009. The airlines, which was officially launched in August 2007, currently offers non-stop flights from ... Read More »

What is the significance of flying the Confederate Flag?

The Confederate flag is an important emblem of history that many people still fly today, but its meaning shifts depending on who flies it.SignificanceThe Confederate flag, also known as the "Southe... Read More »

What flag was flying over the Alamo at the battle?

Any of several different flags may have been flown over the Alamo at the battle. The only probable flag that remains is the New Orleans Greys company flag, reading "First Company of Texan Volunteer... Read More »