What five reflexes do a new born baby have?

Answer ive heard that babys are blind the first 10 or so seconds but other than that, all the same as you execpt not as evolvedyeh and ive heard that babys are dead in the first second of birthreallyso yo... Read More »

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When does a baby have reflexes?

Babies are born with reflexes. These reflexes, such as rooting and sucking, make it so the baby can survive.

What are newborn baby reflexes?

root reflexsuck reflexmoro reflextoric reflexgrasp reflexbabinski reflexstep reflex

What age does a baby outgrow newborn reflexes?

Newborn reflexes start to disappear as soon as they are no longer needed; while all babies are born with the same survival reflexes - their responses to the stimulation is very individual to his or... Read More »

Could a 7-month old baby with persistent neonatal reflexes indicate cerebral palsy?

Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a condition characterized by abnormal development of the brain before birth. The surface of the brain normally has many ridges or folds, called gyri. In people with polymicr... Read More »