What fits into the Bratz iPod headphones?

Answer The Bratz ipod headphones are compatible with first and second generation Ipod Nanos and uses the controls from the Ipod so that there are no cords to worry about. This answer comes directly from T... Read More »

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Is there an iPod classic case that fits into a docking station?

Yes, the iSkin evo4 Duo fits onto the 80 gigabyte, 120 gigabyte and 160 gigabyte models of the iPod Classic while remaining to allow the iPod to be placed into the dock. However, any inserts cannot... Read More »

Can you plug Dr Dre headphones into an ipod?

Grado headphones are considered the best headphones on the market. Prices range from just under $100 USD to over $500.

Do iPod headphones fit into a computer?

Can sony headphones fit into an ipod touch?

any headphones with a miniature jack (3.5 mm, not the biggest (6.35mm) and not the smallest(2.5mm)) will fit into an ipod touch.