What fish is a close substitute for rockfish?

Answer On One Hand: Farmed Striped BassFarmed striped bass, according the Environmental Defense Fund, is a good organic substitute for rockfish. The farmed striped bass not only is environmentally friendl... Read More »

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I am looking for a seasoning substitute for any type of seaweed product for making a vegan fish substitute.?

Old bay makes quite a few seafood seasonings. There are many , but these can be found in any supermarket. Anything natural thats going to give it a "seaweed" taste like nori, kelp, wakame, etcc. co... Read More »

My camera bends the picture like a fish eye lense on close ups?

If you have a camera whose lens can zoom in and out:Zoom to the maximum magnification.Back away from the item you wish to shootThis gives a more natural and "flat" perspective.You can even back awa... Read More »

What do rockfish eat?

The 100-plus species of rockfish are members of the scorpion fish order. Their taxonomic and geographic diversity corresponds to a relatively universal diet.BackgroundThe majority of rockfish live ... Read More »

What is a rockfish?

Rockfish are a type of bass that are a favorite of fisherman. Since 1965, the rockfish has been the state fish of Maryland. Rockfish are very common in the waters within this state.NamesRockfish ... Read More »