What fish do sardines come from?

Answer Several species of fish are sold under the common term sardine, all of which are in the Clupeidae family, which includes herring, menhaden and shad. The most common species sold as sardines is the ... Read More »

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Are anchovies and sardines a good source of fish oil?

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is thought to reduce the risk of a heart attack, regulate cholesterol, and improve memory. Both sardines and anchovies are sources of omega-3 fatty aci... Read More »

How much EPA is in sardines?

Sardines are a rich source of fatty acids, particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). One hundred grams of sardines contain between 10 and 12 g of EPA. Sardines get much of their EPA from eating sma... Read More »

How Are Sardines Processed?

Sardines appear in little cans on the shelves of food stores. You may wonder how these tiny fish got into those cans or how sardine processing occurs. From cannery to shelf, here's how it all happens.

How are sardines canned?

Sardines are a packaged variety of fish, but they are not always sardines. They can be any number of small oily fish similar in appearance to sardines.GradingThe fish are first graded. They are sen... Read More »