What Finger Does the Wedding Ring Go On?

Answer American marriage customs call for people to wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of their left hand where the “vein of love” resides, according to My Online Wedding Help. Other cultures, ho... Read More »

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On which finger does a widower wear his wedding ring?

There is no definitive etiquette for widowers and wedding rings. Generally, a widower will continue to wear his wedding ring on his left ring finger until he is ready to move on. At that point, the... Read More »

What finger is a wedding ring worn on?

Romans and Egyptians believed that the fourth finger on the left hand contained a vein that ran directly to the heart, called the vena amoris, so they placed the wedding ring there.References:Weddi... Read More »

What Does It Mean if Your Ring Turns Your Finger Green?

It's concerning when you slip a new ring on your finger only to find it leaves a green ring of its own on your skin. Now you're wondering what it is about that metal ring that is causing this to ha... Read More »

Which hand has the wedding ring finger?

The "ring finger" generally is the fourth finger on the left hand. This tradition began with the Romans--according to The Knot--who believed the fourth finger was connected to the heart via "the ve... Read More »