What finger do you put the ring on when proposing marriage?

Answer The engagement ring goes on the fourth finger, or the ring finger, of the left hand. Placing the engagement ring on that finger is considered a symbol of love because of the belief that a vein in t... Read More »

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Oww! I got my ring stuck on my finger and it seems like my finger is getting fatter by the hour. What do I do?

Try soaping it up real good , then try to pull it off. It that doesn't work put some kind of oil on your finger, cookind oil, baby oil etc, then try to get it off. If that doesn't work, you will ha... Read More »

My ring finger and middle finger knuckles are bruised. what to do?

Well first of all, punching a tree? That's not a great source of letting out anger. Secondly, if you can move all of your fingers, even in pain, then you are ok. You may want to apply some ice to r... Read More »

What does a ring on the right hand ring finger mean?

Right hand rings can be worn by women who are not married but wish to wear a beautiful ring, similar to an engagement or wedding ring. The ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand so as no... Read More »

What is your first impression when you see someone wearing a silver ring on the left hand, fourth finger?