What Do Promise Rings Look Like ?

Answer Promise rings are very popular these days. A promise ring is exchanged between a couple to express commitment to the relationship prior to engagement. Promise rings made of gold, sterling silver or... Read More »

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What is your promise ring finger?

What is the meaning of each finger for rings?

While many people know that a diamond ring on the ring finger of the left hand is a sign of engagement, not everyone knows that each finger carries special symbolism and is named after a Greek god.... Read More »

What do rings on each finger mean?

Fingers hold certain meanings that derive from astrological and religious symbols that vary among cultures. Each finger represents certain personality traits associated with Greek gods. Jewelers us... Read More »

What kind of rings turn your finger green?

Silver or gold jewelry can turn your finger green if you have a naturally high acidity level in your skin. This happens more when the weather is hot and humid. Cheap jewelry will also turn your fin... Read More »