What film(s) made you cry the most and still make you cry when you see them again?

Answer Bambi : (

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How to Make Fan Made Trailers for Youtube of Upcoming Films?

This is actually really easy! All you have to do is get a camera, and follow these instructions.

What films have made you cry?

I never cry watching movie. But there's one film that make me want to cry when I watch it. It's the documentary film "The March of the Penguins" (the French version).I don't know that penguins make... Read More »

Which films have made you cry?

Three particular moments get me blubbing like a big girls blouse!Schindlers List, when Oscar is about to leave the factory and is lamenting the other lives he could have saved... "this gold pin... ... Read More »

Who made the crystals for the Superman films?

The crystals used as props for the Superman films were made by the art department team. led by the production designer of each movie. The first series of movies with Christopher Reeves as Superman... Read More »