How do film cameras take a picture?

Answer there taken like a normal camera HOW ELSE WOULD THEY BE TAKEN ?A real Answer: But very simplifiedThe film in the camera is a strip of plastic coated with light sensitive chemicals. This is called ... Read More »

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What picture did Mickey Mouse make his film debut?

How does the film on a camera work to make a color picture?

Color film contains several layers of dye (substrates), each which is sensitive to specific color ranges of light. Since color OS made up from three basic colors, red, blue and green, the developin... Read More »

When taking a picture with film , do you have a limited amount of shots on the camera?

Ignore the anti-film brigade some of whom are actually lying! Film including all costs is actually cheaper than digital if you use quality cameras. Yes, film and processing costs but you don't go t... Read More »

How did they film the scene in inception with two parallel mirrors facing each other without the camera coming in the picture?

the camera was probably facing downwards you know those long cameras on the poles, that is probably what they used otherwise i don't know...elimac3