What fillings can i use to make the perfect sandwich?

Answer roast beef,onion,peppers and mustard yummy x

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What do you add to a peanut butter sandwich to make it perfect?

How do I love peanut better? Let me count the ways...Lightly toasted, with sliced apple...On whole wheat, with clover honey..Paired with jelly, grape, from Welch's...With butter and potato chips, ... Read More »

What sandwich fillings work well with pitta bread?

Interesting sandwich fillings?

Chicken, roasted bell pepper, and fontana cheeseRoast beef with tomato & horseradish-dijon-mayoTomato, cheese, and basil leavesChicken, bacon, jalapeno havartiHere's my own recipe:The Unbeatable Be... Read More »

How to Diversify Sandwich Fillings?

When the kids start whining that they're sick of peanut butter and you're tired of the same cheese fillings, it can be hard to step outside the habit. However, the world of sandwich fillings is inc... Read More »