What file extension does the PSP need?

Answer The PlayStation portable is a handheld gaming system developed by Sony. This system does not have one specific type of file. Files that are compatible with this system include .bmp, .png, .tif, .gi... Read More »

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What movie extension does a file need to have to be added to iTunes?

A movie or video file must have the MPEG-4 or M4V extension for addition to iTunes. The Apple iTunes store uses this format, which is similar to an MP4 file but contains copyright protection featu... Read More »

What does the file extension .xml do?

File extensions indicate what program made the file or what format the file is in and do not do anything by themselves. Files with an extension of .xml are Extensible Markup Language format files. ... Read More »

What does the .LYR file extension mean?

The LYR file extension is a miscellaneous file which contains information available in ArcView's "layer properties" dialog box. It is an ArcView Layer File, which are similar to Legend files.Source... Read More »

What does the file extension ISO stand for?

The file extension "ISO" is a common disc image file. The letters "ISO" stand for International Organization of Standardization. It is an image format for CD or DVD discs that are based on the ISO-... Read More »