What features should I look for when buying a digital camera?

Answer Some features that I feel are important are: 1) picture modes2) battery life3) image quality4) ISO5) zoom rangeAll cameras in the $200 range will have a full auto mode. So if the camera also has se... Read More »

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What should you look for when purchasing a digital camera What features are best?

If looking for a DSLR, you'll want a professional brand, the best ones are Canon and Nikon. Generally, for DSLR's or compact digitals, the more megapixels the better. More megapixels = better quali... Read More »

How to Compare Digital Camera Features when Buying?

DPReview screenshotChoosing the right digital camera for you requires an ability to make comparisons between the vast amount of choice available. This article hopes to point you in the right direct... Read More »

What features should you look for in a digital camera for personal use?

Answer zoom...not digital zoom...all that does is crop and distort the imageLCD viewfinder and regular, optical viewfinder. Mine just has the LCD and that's fine for me but some insist on an optic... Read More »

What to look for when buying a digital camera?

I would suggest Samsung NV3. This is the best. 7.2 MegapixelsMP3 playervideo playerand a fine camera for everything. The flash is good the lens are good. everythigs good.Or i would suggest Canon or... Read More »