What features make hybrid corn more desirable than its parents?

Answer Sugar Content One of the traits that makes hybrids more desirable to some is that certain hybrids have been bred for their sugar content. Those varieties taste sweet and I believe hold their sugar ... Read More »

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How do you make you parents pay more attention to you than your sister?

This is a very hard situation to be in, as I know, you are obviously feeling very down and upset, it's sometimes hard to talk to you're parents about these things, so why not try to work really har... Read More »

How much more desirable is a bald kitty than a regular trimmed kitty?

69 because no one wants to go down on a tumbleweed.c00lPS I sure hope HerHuggy's partner likes a mouth full of p*** flavoured hair.

What should I do with him dress him in my apparel and make him my waiting gentlewoman He that hath a beard is more than a youth and he that hath no beard is less than a man and he that is more t?

Is child rearing better when children pay more attention to parents than parents pay to children or when the opposite is true?

A child being abused can be any age from newborn and up until you become an adult not living in someone else's home.