What farmers sow to make plants grow?

Answer seed

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How do farmers grow silkworms?

Silkworm farms in China and India produce most of the 60,000 tons of raw silk harvested internationally each year. In China, 10 million silk farmers, or sericulturists, supply the country's 600 we... Read More »

How do farmers grow corn?

The basics of growing corn are relatively simple. You put seed in the ground and wait. However, there are several variables to take into consideration, including climate, field size and corn variet... Read More »

What do Chinese farmers grow?

It is not a surprise that Chinese farmers produce rice. China's varied landscapes and climates make for a large variety of crops. Chinese farmers produce a lot of grains, fruits and vegetables. Som... Read More »

Do Farmers Grow Bananas In Illinois?

No, unless you have a green house Bananas will not survive the harsh winters of northern states.