What farm implements were used in the colonies?

Answer Farming was one of the main occupations in America's 13 colonies. Depending on the region, farming could be for profit or to feed the family. Colonists planted corn, wheat, rice, indigo and tobacco... Read More »

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How to Use Implements on Your Small-Scale Farm?

Modern agriculture has produced an almost overwhelming array of farm implements. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that in 2007, the average farm owned $88,000 worth of machinery. Every ta... Read More »

How to Attach PTO Implements on Tractors?

A PTO implement is any tractor implement that has a PTO shaft. The PTO shaft on the tractor turns the main PTO shaft, which then turns the PTO shaft on the tractor implement, causing it to operate.... Read More »

How to Teach the History of Writing Implements?

When people think of writing, they often just consider the words on a page or screen. Not as much thought goes into the instruments used to produce the text the read. Writing implements, such as pe... Read More »

Is there a maker of tractor implements called Hardee?

Yes. "The Original Hardee" Manufacturing Company started producing tobacco farm sprayers in 1956. Currently owned by EVH Manufacturing Company, LLC, Hardee tractor accessories are manufactured in L... Read More »