Birthday Party Ideas for a 60th Birthday in December?

Answer December is a great time of year for a 60th birthday party. People are in the holiday spirit, and the season brings a reflective mood and an eagerness to celebrate days gone by. Include party ideas... Read More »

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What famous person died on December 5, 1791?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died on Dec. 5, 1971. The Austrian composer passed away after at short illness–which may have been rheumatic fever or a bacterial infection–at the age of 35. Mozart comp... Read More »

What famous people have Muscular Dystrophy?

Dr. Hue G. Rection had it. he was the one that found out about the nucluse in a cell and he had a HUGE dick

What famous people have been on 'Cash Cab'?

I don't know if you would consider them famous but there were two competitive eaters, #3 ranked Tim "Eater X" Janus and now #20 Crazy Legs Conti.Conti is known for his dreadlocks. They won $1600 to... Read More »

What famous people have no high school diploma?

There aren't too many, but one of the most notable is Linus Pauling who won two unshared Nobel Prizes - one in Chemistry, another in Peace. He also discovered that sickle-cell anemia was a molecula... Read More »