What famous monument has 36 Doric columns representing the states of the union?

Answer The Lincoln Memorial has 38 Doric columns--36 of which represent the number of states in the Union at the time that Abraham Lincoln died. The Lincoln Memorial also contains a 19-foot statue of Linc... Read More »

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What are doric columns made of?

Doric columns are constructed of many different materials. Wood was first used to make columns, and limestone columns were common for a period. Man-made materials, including cast stone and concrete... Read More »

What is a Doric column?

A Doric column is a type of ancient Greek column that emerged around 650 BC. The Doric column is the predecessor to other ancient Greek columns, including the Ionic and Corinthian designs.Origin of... Read More »

How to Replace Interior Greek Columns With Square Columns?

Interior columns are typically architectural details rather than structural support, unlike exterior columns. Greek column designs, including Doric, Corinthian and ionic, are commonly preferred for... Read More »

What is the legal term that indicates a lawyer is representing a client for free?

According to the American Bar Association, the term for providing legal services for those who would be unable to afford the fee is "pro bono publico." The phrase is often shortened to "pro bono."R... Read More »