Was morticia Addams a squid on Addams family?

Answer No, she is Gomez Addams' wife, and mother to Wednesday and Pugsley. Pugsley did have an octupus named Aristotle tough.

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What is squid ink made of?

Squid ink is composed of mucus and melanin. It is the melanin that gives the ink its color. A squid will squirt the ink when it is frightened, approached or attacked. The ink also acts as a warning... Read More »

What is a squid proxy?

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What do deep sea glass squid eat?

Deep-sea glass squid prey on fish such as the goblin shark and aquatic seabirds. The deep-sea glass squid is a large creature that is found in deep waters near New Zealand.References:Explore the Ab... Read More »

What is the function of the water jet on a squid?

Squid are well known for having a number of highly unusual features, including their tentacles, the ability to shoot bursts of ink and especially their natural water jet.MechanismA squid uses its w... Read More »