What family does neon belong to on the periodic table?

Answer Neon (Ne) is a member of the noble gas family on the periodic table. The noble gases are all found on the last column on the right side of the periodic table.Source:Chem-4-Kids: The Noble Inert Gases

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What family&column is neon in the periodic table?

The element Neon (Ne) is located in the column on the far right of the table. This column is labeled VIIA or 18, depending on the designation system used. All of the elements in this column belong ... Read More »

What group does hydrogen belong to in the periodic table?

Some versions of the periodic table place hydrogen by itself on top of the chart, but its traditional position is with the alkali metals in group 1a, which a more recent version of the periodic tab... Read More »

Where is neon found on the Periodic Table?

Neon is located in the upper right-hand corner of the Periodic Table in the second period, 18th group. Neon is a gas that is abbreviated as Ne with an atomic number of 10.Source:Web Elements: Neon

Which group or family does neon belong to?

In the modern periodic table, neon occupies group VIII, or group 18 under the convention of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Chemists refer to the group-VIII elements as “no... Read More »