What family do hamsters come from?

Answer Hamsters belong to the Cricetidae family. They are rodents, meaning they have a pair of front teeth that they need to continually file down by chewing. The Cricetidae family has over 681 species, m... Read More »

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Can female hamsters live with male hamsters?

Animal World recommends keeping only one regular-sized hamster per cage. Hamsters are territorial, and they will fight over food and space. Males and females should be kept together only long enoug... Read More »

Do hamsters eat other hamsters when dead?

Hamsters eat other hamsters when dead due to fighting or balance of the litter. It is also common that nursing mothers can kill and consume their weakest pups when the food supply is low or when th... Read More »

What are the legal obligations for a family that re-homes an internationally adopted child with another family under temporary custody with intention to adopt and the new family changes their mind?

The court will want the name and last known address of the father. They will post a Notice in the local paper where he supposedly lives. If he doesn't respond within the time limit the adoption can... Read More »

How to Look After Hamsters?

Hamsters come in all shapes and sizes!Hamsters are one of the sweetest creatures around, but when not cared for, they can become wild and begin to bite.