What factors influence best interest in child custody decisions?

Answer Answer besides being the parent most likely to provide a safe home, basic necessities such as food and shelter. the most important factor is this. The child belongs with the parent who is most li... Read More »

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If you have primary physical custody and joint legal custody do you have move rights then the parent that does not have physical custody when it comes to the best interest of the child?

Answer yes and no. joint legal basically means the other parent can get any and all legal info on the child such as medical records, school records and of course anything legal or court related if... Read More »

How can a non-relative obtain temporary custody or the authority to make educational and medical decisions for a child?

How can the God Mother of a child obtain custody if the grandmother wants the child but she has and DYFS case and knew where the child was but did not insist upon getting the child after Dyfs has h... Read More »

Michigan Child Custody Factors?

While all states consider the best interests of a child when deciding child custody, Section 722.23 of Chapter 722 of Michigan's Compiled Laws--also referred to as Act 91 of 1970, or the Child Cust... Read More »

What factors should be considered in deciding to go for a child custody modification?

Each case is unique to those individuals involved and must be considered and handled according to the special facts and circumstances relating to that case. See related link for a comprehensive li... Read More »