What factors are considered in a case involving child custody?

Answer The reality is that generally, mothers are favored for primary physical custody. The reason is the other reality that mothers provide more nurturing care and are generally the primary caregivers fo... Read More »

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What factors should be considered in deciding to go for a child custody modification?

Each case is unique to those individuals involved and must be considered and handled according to the special facts and circumstances relating to that case. See related link for a comprehensive li... Read More »

Can financial factors outweigh love and care factors in a custody case?

Answer No! The courts are not the enemy and they prefer a child(ren) to be with those that love them. If the person that wants full custody of the child(ren) can sustain a decent lifestyle for t... Read More »

How do you get information on an open case involving your child and Child protective services?

Answer I'm trying tofind out if my granddaughter is within the child protective services system

What factors influence best interest in child custody decisions?

Answer besides being the parent most likely to provide a safe home, basic necessities such as food and shelter. the most important factor is this. The child belongs with the parent who is most li... Read More »