What facebook status have you seen with ALOT of likes.?

Answer "I no longer wanna be just an option, i wanna be the choice." - 10 likes"Maybe its not always about trying to fix things that are broken. maybe its about starting over & creating something better

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Facebook status that will get alot of likes?

i used these and i got a lot of like and comments:Hit the like button if you use these websites daily1) Google2) Youtube3) Facebook--------------------------------------…FInd"GAY"boy boy boy boy ... Read More »

What is the funniest Facebook status you have ever seen?

It would be hard to say, but I can tell you where I have seen the best status updates. Take a look at Status King. It is a facebook app that turns your facebook status into a t-shirt. They have tho... Read More »

How to get alot of likes on a Facebook page?

....its simple...create an add or share it through your gf account..:Pits realy works.. go aheadbest of Luck

No one likes my Facebook status!!?