What facebook status have you seen with ALOT of likes.?

Answer "I no longer wanna be just an option, i wanna be the choice." - 10 likes"Maybe its not always about trying to fix things that are broken. maybe its about starting over & creating something better

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Facebook status that will get alot of likes?

i used these and i got a lot of like and comments:Hit the like button if you use these websites daily1) Google2) Youtube3) Facebook--------------------------------------…FInd"GAY"boy boy boy boy ... Read More »

How to get alot of likes on a Facebook page?

....its simple...create an add or share it through your gf account..:Pits realy works.. go aheadbest of Luck

No one likes my Facebook status!!?

If someone likes ur status on facebook, do you say thank you lol?

depends mine says "hasnt smoked a cigarette in 3 days!" and my friends said they liked it and are proud of me and i said thank you.