What fabric is spanx made of?

Answer The Spanx brand, which makes women's shapewear that includes pantyhose, full bodysuits, bras, tights, shorts, vests and panties, uses material that is a combination of nylon, Lycra, cotton and late... Read More »

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How is wool made into fabric?

After wool is sheared from a sheep and washed, the wool is processed using one of two systems that determine the consistency of the finished fabric and the end product.Wollen SystemDuring wollen sy... Read More »

What is parachute fabric made of?

Early parachutes were originally made of silk, but modern parachutes use stronger synthetic fabrics for more safety and versatility. The exact type of fabric depends on the parachute's purpose, but... Read More »

How Tweed Fabric Is Made?

Tweed fabric originated with Harris Tweed in the western Scottish Isles. Traditionally, tweed is a rough, hardy, woven wool fabric made to withstand harsh weather conditions and most often worn as ... Read More »

How Is Cotton Made Into Fabric?

No one knows for sure where cotton plants were first cultivated---scientists have found ancient cotton cloth in Mexico, Pakistan and Egypt. Until the Industrial Revolution, cotton was picked, proce... Read More »