What fabric is spanx made of?

Answer The Spanx brand, which makes women's shapewear that includes pantyhose, full bodysuits, bras, tights, shorts, vests and panties, uses material that is a combination of nylon, Lycra, cotton and late... Read More »

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What fabric are swimsuits made of?

Swimsuits are usually made of a stretching fabric called spandex whose trade name is Lycra. Full bodysuits made of polyurethane have recently become popular in competitive swimming. The Federation ... Read More »

What fabric is spandex made of?

Spandex is a fabric made of a synthetic polyurethane blended with other natural and synthetic fibers. Spandex was invented by Joseph C. Shivers of DuPont in 1959 and originally called Lycra.Source:... Read More »

What is parachute fabric made of?

Early parachutes were originally made of silk, but modern parachutes use stronger synthetic fabrics for more safety and versatility. The exact type of fabric depends on the parachute's purpose, but... Read More »

What fabric are swim suits made of?

Swimsuits may be made of nylon, cotton, spandex, polyester or a combination of these. Most commonly, swimsuits contain a blend of both nylon and spandex. Swimsuits for athletes may also contain neo... Read More »