What eye shadow suits greeny blue eyes ?

Answer browns and purples. you can use a brown color as a base, smudge some purple into your crease, and use a lighter or brighter color on your inner corner like gold. that's one of my favorite looks and... Read More »

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What colour eyeshadow suits blue eyes with pale skin?

silver but not one of those liquid things, just a very soft powder.

Best eye shadow colours for blue eyes?

Well i have blue eyes, And the only colours that suit are actually, Brown, silve and black and blue. I try to blend it a lot so Blue i try blend with a light blue and a darker blue which makes them... Read More »

I have blue-greenish what would be a good eye shadow to wear that would make them stand out more?

Can a baby have blue eyes if the father has brown eyes and the mother has blue eyes?

Yes if the father is heterozygous Dominant for brown eyes (Bb) and the mother is homozygous recessive (bb and the only option) for blue eyes. The the baby would then have a 75% chance of having blu... Read More »