What eye color does brown and blue make?

Answer I think it is hazel but im not sure Hazel

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What eye color looks best on me Blue or Brown?

Proof that you should stick to your natural eyes.The blue ones look cheap and tacky. The brown ones look fab though, so keep em natural!

What color does yellow&brown make?

Yellow is a primary color while brown is a tertiary color. If you add a bit of brown to yellow, it makes a darker yellow, like goldenrod. Adding more brown will make it turn a lighter brown.Referen... Read More »

What Color to Wear With Blue Eyes & Brown Hair?

Each individual has a unique coloring and a corresponding color palette to work with. Depending on the color of your hair and eyes, certain shades can make you look wonderful or sickly. Skin tone a... Read More »

What color blue contacts should you use with brown eyes?

On One Hand: Choose a Shade to Match Your PreferenceWhile those with a light shade of eye color can often achieve a change in appearance with more subtly "enhancement-tinted" lenses, contact-lens w... Read More »