What external lightscribe burner can i use on mac ?

Answer It is not the drive but whether it comes with mac s/w i believe roxio do mac compatible lightscribe s/w1 quick google and i found this…

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Do you need a special CD burner to use LightScribe?

A LightScribe-enabled disc drive is required to use LightScribe disc labeling technology. Most LightScribe-enabled disc drives have the LightScribe logo printed directly onto the drive, although so... Read More »

Can you use LightScribe discs in a LabelFlash burner?

You cannot use LightScribe discs in a LabelFlash burner for printing labels, nor can you print on LabelFlash discs in a LightScribe burner. You can, however, burn data onto both types of discs in e... Read More »

Can i use a lightscribe disc on a light flash burner?

You can use LightScribe discs only on drives that are LightScribe compatible. Check for a LightScribe logo. If you are using a notebook computer, you should at least have a LightScribe sticker on y... Read More »

Is an external Lightscribe DVD RW compatible with Vista?

Yes. Windows Vista completely supports all Lightscribe drives whether they are external or internal. You will just need the right software to properly use your Lightscribe external DVD burner. See ... Read More »