What external flash will fit Nikon D3100?

Answer Nikon

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What cheap external flashgun shall you get for Nikon D3100?

Off Camera flash sync cord for my nikon d3100 to my SB700?

The flash bracket you need is not like the first one you listed, it is just too light weightSomething like this one will work better…With it, all you need ... Read More »

Will a nikon hb-26 35mm lense work on a d3100 nikon digit camera?

For any digital camera a Li ion battery is better than Nimh because it holds more charge and does not lose its charge nearly as fast when the camera is not in use.

Will a vintage nikon nikkor pro 52 0 1a-50mm 1.8 camera lens fit a nikon d3100?

I think you are asking about a 50 mm f/1.8 lens.Unless the lens is an AF Nikkor, the meter in your entry level D3100 will not work.The more advanced Nikon D7000 can use manual focus Nikkor AI or AI... Read More »