What exit is the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville?

Answer When approaching Greenville from the north, east or west, travel on I-85 and exit onto I-385 towards Greenville. I-385 will terminate in the city. The Bi-Lo Center will be on your right. When appr... Read More »

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What is the difference between a side street and a cross street?

I take it that English is not your primary language...A "side street" is a street that is not a thoroughfare... frequently a residential street. A "cross street" is one that intersects with (crosse... Read More »

How to Exit "What the Doodle"?

"What the Doodle" is an interactive game created for the Android operating system. With this app, you may create doodles or drawings. All you need to use is two fingers. What the Doodle lets you pl... Read More »

What does exit only mean?

If the sign Exit Only is over the door, it means you cannot enter that door from the other side. In urban lingo, it means you are unwilling to have any form of anal sex. Among men, it is a way of e... Read More »

What is the exit velocity from earth's atmosphere?

Exit velocity is properly called escape velocity. The escape velocity from earth is about 25,000 miles per hour, or 7 miles per second. In metric measurements, this is 40,000 kilometers per hour, o... Read More »