What exercise equipment is best for abs?

Answer On One Hand: The Captain's Chair best overallA study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) compared the abdominal benefits of the Captain's Chair, the Torso Track, the Exercise Ball, the Ab Rol... Read More »

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How to Exercise Without Expensive Equipment?

You probably don't need to buy all that equipment to exercise. This way is cheap and you already have the equipment, your body and furniture!

What is kcal exercise equipment?

Kcal exercise equipment displays how many "kcals" a person burns during a workout. A "kcal," or kilocalorie, equals 1,000 calories. It is enough energy to increase a gram of water's temperature by ... Read More »

Who makes DP exercise equipment?

DP exercise equipment was made by Diversified Products, a company owned by Forrest James. After a run of 36 years, Diversified Products shut down operations in 1998, selling their equipment via dep... Read More »

How to Use Abdominal Exercise Equipment?

In today's exercise equipment market, there are many variations of equipment intended to work out and strengthen your abdominal muscles (abs). Since each ab machine is designed to work differently ... Read More »